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Mid Wing Splitter

Mid Wing Splitter

Split mid wings are becoming more and more popular around the world, because they are a perfect one hand snack. That’s why IFEC has developed an automatic mid wing splitter. The mid wing splitter has a stunning capacity of 7200 wings per hour and can handle a wide variety of anatomically cut mid wing sizes.

The loading is very easy because there is no need to differentiate between left and right wings or skin side up or down. The operator positions the wings in wing-shaped trays and the machine splits the wings in anatomic halves, even when the wings are presented at a slight angle. After cutting the wings are automatically unloaded.

Like all our machines, the Mid wing splitter is exclusively made from food grade materials like stainless steel, food approved nylon, and equipped with stainless steel nonventilated washdown motors and gearboxes.

Wings in machine
Chicken slices in machine


  • Midwings are cut anatomicly due to the special blade design

  • Accomodates large veriaty of wing sizes, no adjustment needed

  • Wings can be loaded lengthwise. No need to differentiate between skin up, skin down, left or right wings.

  • Ergonomic manual loading of product

  • Automatic unloading of products

  • Easy to reach components for optimal maintenance and cleaning

  • Easy to changes blades due to fixtures to limit downtime

  • Large loading area that supports multiple operators

  • Safety sensors to ensure safe operation

  • Made exclusively from food grade materials like stainless steel and food approved nylon

  • Easy access for infeed/outfeed conveyors

  • Cleaning mode

  • Easy to operate and maintain

Size (L x W x H):

2500 mm x 1000 mm x 1700 mm
98,4″ x 39,4″ x 66,9″


± 550 kg / 1.212,5 lb

Power consumption:

1 kW


± 7200 pcs/h