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Back Meat Harvesting Machine

Back Meat Harvesting Machine

The back meat harvesting machine has the capacity of 3000 pieces per hour. The front halves or the upper back pieces are manually loaded on specially designed cones, outfitted with a locking mechanism that ensures perfect alignment. The back meat and remaining carcasses are automatically separated and unloaded. The final product is a beautiful piece of back meat suitable for further processing. Optionally the back meat including scapula bones can be split in 2 pieces to transform it in a one hand BBQ snack. Like all our machines, this machine is exclusively made from food grade materials like stainless steel, food approved nylon, and equipped with stainless steel nonventilated washdown motors and gearboxes. The machine can be adjusted mechanically to operate with a wide range of chicken sizes.

Operating and maintaining the back meat harvesting machine is very easy and with its small footprint this is the perfect machine for upgrading your production.

Chickenslice in machine


  • Machine can process both front halve carcasses and back piece

  • Made exclusively from food grade materials like stainless steel and food approved nylon

  • Easy to reach components for optimal maintenance

  • Automatic unloading of products

  • Simple yet robust mechanical adjustment to accommodate a large variety of chicken sizes

  • Small footprint

  • Easy to clean

Size (L x W x H):

3300 mm x 1000 mm x 1500 mm
129,9″ x 39,4″ x 59,05″


± 800 kg / 1.763,6 lb

Power consumption:

1,5 kW


± 3000 pcs/h