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About IFEC

Our company may be brand new, but our founders are veterans of the poultry processing industry. Their decades of experience are supplemented by the out-of-the-box thinking of a young and enthusiastic team. This combination allows IFEC to add value to a market that is dominated by mass production where profit is found in volume.

Our aim is to bring innovation to this market and allow producers to open new avenues of revenue while minimizing the need for extra manpower and changes to their daily production. To achieve this we develop small and specialized machines for automated processing of standard products into specialty products.

IFEC BV location

What can we develop for you?

We are thrilled to hear from you which specialty products we could help you to launch or for which product we could develop automation.

These specialty products are a great way to increase profit, add value and increase sustainability.

At IFEC we closely follow the Global food production industry to spot the next big innovations. Besides that, we closely work together with our customers to develop automation for their already existing products. 

We believe in strong partnerships where both parties flourish because of the added value and sustainability.

IFEC is conveniently located in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands, only 10km away from Rotterdam, a major trading hub. We are established in a state of the art building with a large array of facilities to develop, engineer and test new solutions as well as to manufacture, store and ship spare parts.

Our central location allows our 24/7 service support team to quickly provide assistance where needed, this being remote as well as onsite support.